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New Moon

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My apologies for not having posted in a while; it would be optimistic to say I can write a new post for the blog every week. When inspiration strikes, I will post, and that might *happen* to be a weekly occurence. 🙂

Recently I have been (and I still am) training, working towards Priesthood with the Craft. Part of that training is connecting with the elements – sitting on the ground, feeling the energies of the Earth is something I love to do anyway – and also attending outer court New Moon esbats.

I had my first esbat (in a coven setting) yesterday – a profoundly amazing experience! Working and deepening ties in the Circle was quite amazing; as with so much, it is impossible to explain through words what was experienced.

I can imagine, in times of old, when the light of the night was fire, or the stars, or the moon, that the New Moon was a scarier time of the month. It would be easier to understand the being between old and new – between the fading light of the “old” moon, and the beginning of the strengthening light of the new; the sky would be dark.

The autumnal equinox is just around the corner, marking the beginning of the darker half of the year – the trip into the underworld; Persephone would be making her trip down into Hades once again, and we eagerly await her return and with it the returning fertility of the land. Now might be a good time to reflect inwards on our inner selves, our inner desires, and to begin to think about what we would like for the coming year and the next cycle.

If you read this blog, it would be nice if you just left me a little comment, and perhaps a link to your blog so I can read yours too! I am always interested to talk to other people about their paths, and how they work; what I find marvelous is that everybody can have such different paths (or sometimes very similar paths) which work for that individual.

So, a blessed equinox to all those who choose to celebrate it!

Blessed be,


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